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COR HVNL changed October 1st 2018

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Don't assume, ensure COR compliance
Are you aware there is now a "Hot Line" to the NHVR anyone can anonomously report COR breaches at any time 24 hours seven days?
If you are not clear regarding obligations imposed under COR NHVL find out now.
New NHVL obligations imposed Oct 1st 2018 are you covered?
Ensure everyone is "on the same COR page"
NHVL & COR awareness is the obligation of the management of any business associated with the road transport task.

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   What's happening October 1st 2018?

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The  future - NHVR enforcing COR ,conducting spot audits. 
Things are changing to a primary duty of care and executive officer positive due diligence.  Penalties have significantly increased and  liability extended to all management levels irrespective of title, it's all about the activities you perform.
If you have not implemented a COR safety management compliance system you are exposed to massive financial loss and or custodial sentences if a breach of the HVNL or heavy transport task related death occurs. New law focussed on Executive officers, owners, Operators and Management are now directed toward activities related to road transport tasks (not job title) Now more than ever due diligence and a primary duty of care is enforced and must be managed.
2018 new regulations penalties and duty of care apply to all executives associated with the road transport task.